Errol Milner Clifford 2006-2009

Errol Milner Clifford was born with a significant heart defect and a cognitive disability that prevented him from walking or talking. As we grieved the child we had anticipated, Errol’s full-bodied smile and irrepressible laugh turned our sorrow into joy, and taught us that many of the best things in life are unexpected. Inspired by Errol’s delightful spirit, friends, family, and neighbors rallied to support our family’s significant emotional, physical, and financial needs, through countless acts of selfless generosity. When Errol’s courageous heart finally failed him on December 23, 2009 we were left numb with grief. In these dark hours we listen hopefully for the echoes of Errol’s brilliant laugh. This blog is the story (starting from present and working back to Errol's birth) of the life and times of the amazing Errol Clifford.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Errol has glasses. Hooray! He can see and he likes it.
It's remarkable to watch Errol watching the world. He;s been much more active and responsive. Hooray!
"The Little Professor" is very happy about his new surroundings and he looks so cute in his hip little eyewear. See for yourself.

The Little Professor

The Little Professor in Mama's loving arms. Now it's time for the Little Professor to go grade some papers.

Locks of Love

We had just gotten back from the beach. It was definitely time for a haircut.