Errol Milner Clifford 2006-2009

Errol Milner Clifford was born with a significant heart defect and a cognitive disability that prevented him from walking or talking. As we grieved the child we had anticipated, Errol’s full-bodied smile and irrepressible laugh turned our sorrow into joy, and taught us that many of the best things in life are unexpected. Inspired by Errol’s delightful spirit, friends, family, and neighbors rallied to support our family’s significant emotional, physical, and financial needs, through countless acts of selfless generosity. When Errol’s courageous heart finally failed him on December 23, 2009 we were left numb with grief. In these dark hours we listen hopefully for the echoes of Errol’s brilliant laugh. This blog is the story (starting from present and working back to Errol's birth) of the life and times of the amazing Errol Clifford.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


The other day, as Errol napped upstairs, I head a bump coming from above. I figured it was the cat and went back to the important work I was doing. I awoke a few minutes later to the same curious bumping sounds. One bump, then another. I was perplexed, Cary didn’t do her step aerobics workout upstairs, and I had put Errol to sleep on a mat on the floor, so there was nothing he could have fallen out of. I decided to investigate.
I summitted the stairs and then tried to push open the door to the room Errol was slumbering in, but it wouldn’t budge. As I was trying to pry the door open, I heard a little laughter on the other side of the door. It was Errol. He had rolled, shimmied, and bumped his way across the room to come find me. Errol isn’t sleeping on the mat anymore, and I’m thinking about installing a lock on his door. Good work Errol. Keep it up.